Oliver Greenall

At the age of 33, Oliver is a licensed trainer for both flat and national hunt, having trained point to point for 6 seasons and now is in his 3rd season with a full license. Oliver previously gained a vast amount of experience in the racing industry, not least five years employment at Mick Easterby’s yard and a short spell with Sir Mark Prescott.

During his time as a jockey he won the Men’s National Point-to-Point Championship in 2007/8 when he recorded a record 56 winners in points and is a past Amateur Jockey’s Association title holder under rules were he rode a total of 78 winners and 42 in one season.

He retired from race riding on the last day of 2014/15 point to point season at Umberleigh with a winner on his last ride He has had plenty of success in the point to point field including a fantastic treble at Bangor on Dee and getting beat a neck in the Aintree Foxhunters with Cool Friend.

Stockton Hall

Over the last couple of years Oliver has invested substantially to ensure Stockton Hall facilities are in line with our ambitions. When you combine these with there superb setting, Oliver has an establishment which he can be proud of.

Oliver built a water splash in 2017 and it has been a great addition to the facilities here at Stockton Hall. After every horse has exercised, they walk them through the splash and it not only washes their legs off but also cool them down after they have worked. They also use the splash for horses with previous leg injuries as they can stand in there daily and helps prevent any further injury and can also help speed up recovery.

All Weather Gallops

Oliver has a one-mile gallop, with a 2-furlong loop. This is a good starting point and excellent in helping to develop a horse’s balance, they have found that this works very well with the flat horses.

They also have a four furlong carpet uphill gallop, this is an especially good gallop for ensuring and maintaining a jump horse’s stamina.

The Schooling Grounds

Oliver is fortunate to have superb schooling grounds, set in the middle of open countryside. The established turf ensures good going and there is a gradual incline. He makes use of fences, hurdles and tyres in order to ensure there horses are confident and technically correct in their jumping.

Loose Schools

With an all weather surface, this is a vital facility for any jumps trainer. It is used to school horses of all ages and experience and can accommodate a range of jumps at different heights. This enables Oliver to address a specific goal, from schooling of young horses to sorting out a problem with an older more experienced horse.

Oliver has three walkers, each being able to accommodate five horses at a time.

He also has a lunging ring, or sand pen as it is also known, which has a number of applications, one of which is giving the horses somewhere to roll and relax after exercise. It is also used for long reigning and lunging young horses on a sound all weather surface.


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